Who are we and what is our mission?

The Gel Blaster Club was started by the request of government regulatory bodies and demand from the gel blaster community. We saw the opportunity to give the more serious gel blaster community members the ability to take their hobby and turn it into a sport.


With a large community and loyal members, we will create a positive impact on the industry through the power of mass distribution of positive news and safety tips via word of mouth, marketing material and online videos.


The various promotional materials will include educational videos of positive care, handling and transportation of gel blasters, and using them at appropriate fields and events. Giving the community the ability to attend high quality, prize winning events, which will allow the sport to flourish and become more widely accepted by the general public.


Through a combined effort, we will create community growth, help individuals experience personal development, and strive for positive industry change. We understand this will take time; however, we are dedicated in seeing our goals come to fruition.

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