Top 5 Gel Blaster External Mods!

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If you’re looking to turn your gel blaster into something a little bit more serious, these 5 mods are sure to help you go from zero to hero on the field and have your gel ball blaster looking a million bucks! Modify and customise your gel blasters, to make it stand out.

1. Railing Attachments


Rail attachments can make or break the look of your blaster! Just remember, you can put three torches on your railing, but you don’t need it! Don’t be that guy, one is enough!
Other attachments could include lasers, foregrips, bi-pods, PEQ boxes, iron sights and more. Most of the time, these items are cosmetic (i.e. torch for a day game), however in many cases you can use these to your advantage if you purchase the right things.
If you are doing it to look cool, buy whatever you want, who cares what other people think.

2. Stocks and Buffer Tube


Buttstocks and buffer tubes are two of the easiest but best upgrades available! They aren’t overly expensive; however, they do make a decent weight and cosmetic difference. The reason they are so popular is likely the cross compatibility from Airsoft rifles globally. You can get small, large, long or even short buttstocks, with minimalistic or extremely intense designs. Buffer tubes also have different colours and change design from blaster to blaster. If you’re looking for more weight and style points, this is the upgrade we recommend.

3. Metal Upgrade Parts


If you’re looking to turn your blaster from nylon, to metal. You’re going to have to take a few things into consideration.

  1. Where do you want to be metal?
  2. Where do you want to be nylon?
  3. Do you need metal or only want metal?

Once you’ve answered these, a good place to start is a metal handguard, a metal barrel and a metal sight. These are all very easy metal upgrades, that give you slightly better performance, looks and durability. If you’re looking to take it further, metal gearing/internals would be your next step!

4. Scopes & Sights


This is a seriously major part of making your blaster not just more effective but look cool too. Sights are what stands out most on a blaster, and having one that is high quality in always important but not essential. If you aren’t going to use your sight, then simply find one that looks cool, functioning or not and throw it on the blaster! If you are going to use it, then find one you think will suit your style of play, and doesn’t make you play worse than you did before. A bit of trial and error to find what works always helps.

5. Painting Your Blaster


One of the best ways to make your blaster stand out is by painting it all sorts of colours. Get creative and move away from just tan or black.

Try camo styles, bright pink or yellow, stand out or blend in, the good thing about painting your blaster, is that it is entirely up to you.

The paints that we recommend are model/hobby paints or weather proof paints.

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