#1 Best Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster!

The Best Sniper Rifle Gel Blasters!

It’s been a long time coming, Sniper Rifles may be one of the slowest developing classes in the gel blaster industry. However, finally there is a new entrant into the competition, and we think it is finally up to the standards that everyone has wanted since day one.

Best Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster
#1 Best Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster! | Gel Blaster Club Australia
M24 Gel Blaster Sniper Riflewww.tacticaledge.com.au

We were first introduced to snipers with the M24 Sniper seen here. It has a full plastic construction and had chronic issues with snapping bolts from people pulling them too hard. Soon after metal bolt kits and upgraded springs were released, however the bolt alone was twice the price of the blaster itself. It was definitely one of the best sniper rifle gel blasters at one point in time (as it was the only option we had), however since then we’ve have newer higher quality models introduced to the Australian market. Despite this, the M24 Sniper Rifle is still a nice low-cost option for those just starting out!

Best Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster
#1 Best Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster! | Gel Blaster Club Australia
SSG69 Gel Blaster Sniper www.renegadeblasters.com.au

We were then introduced to the SSG69 Sniper seen here. This blaster promised to have an “unbreakable” bolt and better-quality externals than the previous M24. From day one this was proven to be true, however with lower quality control standard, the performance has slowly slipped. Still a higher quality blaster in comparison to the M24, the SSG69 was the best option until the most recent industry release.

Best Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster
#1 Best Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster! | Gel Blaster Club Australia
Remington MSR Gel Blaster Sniper Riflewww.gelballundercover.com.au

Welcome to the new era, introducing the Remington MSR seen here. This blaster brings exceptional internal and external quality, combining metal with nylon and very hard plastics. The bolt is metal, the internals are also metal alongside the trigger, buttstock adjustments and barrel just to name a few badass features. The Remington MSR is currently the best sniper rifle gel blaster model on the market!

From the box, you receive two different barrel sizes and a spare upgraded spring to allow for you to upgrade and improve the FPS once you are ready! It also features an electric-assisted magazine which comes standard with its own battery and charger. On average it is hitting approximately 250FPS with the standard spring, and of course increasing your spring size will definitely increase your FPS as well. We would personally recommend using Alpha King gel balls with this blaster, to ensure performance is at its maximum at all times. You will be averaging 20-30 meters from the box as well.

So, what is the best sniper rifle gel blaster? Your choice should be very obvious now. The MSR is a gel blaster gun game changer, the quality is above anything we have ever seen, and the price is extremely cheap for what you are getting. If you are wanting to get any of the three snipers, we highly recommend using our 10% off discount code “GBC” on the TacToys website.

Where Can I Use My Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster?

There are so many fields to choose from, however many of the field owners have never run a business before, so they struggle to advertise to people in their area. The problem you will find is the session times are hidden, the costs are hidden or you simply don’t even know where the field is or what it is called because they are not on google.

That is where we come in! We collect all of the session times, the prices and the locations of every field and compile it all in one place. Generally fields cost between $20.00 – $35.00 per 2 hour session and the game types change from Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy or even Capture The Flag.

Our hundreds of full members have access to all of this plus our members-only community groups, retail store discounts, giveaways and more for only $9.95/month (cancel anytime).

You can join the family and get the information before anyone else right here. We can’t wait to see you out on the field.

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