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Top 5 Gel Blaster Mods | Best External Gel Blaster Mods!

Wanting to take your gel blaster gun to the next level and customise it with some mods? There are plenty of external gel blaster mods available, and choosing the right accessory/mod can not only improve your gel blaster game – but also give your blaster a unique look!

Here are our top 5 recommendations for external gel blaster mods!


External Gel Blaster Mods
Most gel blaster models will come with upper or lower railings for attachments!

Rail attachments can make or break the look of your blaster! Just remember, you can put three torches on your railing, but you don’t need it! Don’t be that guy, one is enough!

These type of railing attachments could include torch and lasersforegrips, iron sightsbi-pods, and more. These items can sometimes serve purely a cosmetic purpose (i.e. attaching a torch for a day-game), however in many cases you can use the added accessories to your advantage if you purchase the right things for your play style.

There are so many unique type of accessories and railing attachments available, which is why railing attachments are one the best external gel blaster mods for users.


Gel Blaster Mods Buttstock
Gel Ball Undercover is a QLD based retailer stocking one of the largest range of gel blaster parts and mods in Australia. To browse through their parts section, click HERE.

Buttstocks and buffer tubes are two of the easiest and best upgrades available! They aren’t overly expensive; however, they do make a decent weight and cosmetic difference. The reason they are so popular is likely the cross compatibility from Airsoft rifles globally. You can get small, large, long or even short buttstocks, with minimalistic or extremely intense designs. Buffer tubes also have different colours and designs as well. If you’re looking for more weight and style points, this is the upgrade/external gel blaster mod we would recommend investing in!


Gel Blaster Mods Rails
Metal upgrades and cosmetic parts have become increasingly popular amongst gel ballers! There is a huge variety of metal parts and mods for gel blaster toys in Australia.

If you’re looking to turn your blaster from nylon, to metal. You’re going to have to take a few things into consideration.

  1. Where do you want to be metal?
  2. Where do you want to be nylon?
  3. Do you need metal or only want metal?

Once you’ve answered these, a good place to start is a metal handguard, a metal barrel and a metal sight. These are all very easy metal upgrades, that give you slightly better performance, looks and durability. If you’re looking to take it further, metal gearing/internals would be your next step!


Gel Blaster Mods Scopes
Scopes are one of the best ways to customise your blaster – providing users with both functional and cosmetic benefits! To browse through a few scopes available online from a trusted Australian gel blaster retailer, click HERE.

This is a seriously major part of upping your gel blaster style and function! Sights are what stands out most on a blaster, and having an aftermarket scope can benefit the user in many ways. Some gel blasters will come with a cosmetic scope from the box, which means it serves no actual function aside from looks. Investing in a proper high quality scope is always a great idea – especially if you like to go out on field and it complements your play style! There are plenty of scope styles available, so make sure to have a look around to find the one that best suits you!


Gel Blaster Mods Custom Paint

One of the best ways to make your blaster stand out is by painting it all sorts of colours. Get creative and move away from just the typical tan or black. Have fun and experiment with bright colours, prints or patterns – go camo, stand out or blend in – the good thing about painting your blaster, is that it is entirely up to you! The paints that we recommend are model/hobby paints or weather proof paints.

To check where you can play gel blaster games, make sure to become a Gel Blaster Club member and check the events calendar!  


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