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Gas vs Electric Gel Blasters | Should YOU Get a Gas Gel Blaster?

Less than a year ago, owning a gas gel blaster in Australia seemed like an absolutely crazy idea – and now, almost every major retailer in the industry are stocking these toys. So, why the hype? Is a gas gel blaster better than electric? 

Electric gel blasters were the first to come to Australia, and as a result they have undeniably dominated the market since. Powered by rechargeable lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries, they are still the most common type of gel blaster available today. However with the introduction of gas, we’re starting to see a shift in preferences and variety. 

As gel blasters become a passion, hobby, and sport for thousands of Australians, the market for high-end, better quality toys has exploded. And for those chasing quality or power, there is no denying that gas powered toys have an advantage. Here’s why! 


Electric vs Gas Gel Blaster
Should YOU Get a Gas Gel Blaster? | Gel Blaster Club Australia

“Power” is measured by FPS (feet per second), and the higher this figure is for a gel blaster, the more powerful it is. Let’s start by comparing popular electric and gas gel blaster pistol models – the SKD Glock 18 and the Glock 17 gas blow back! 

The SKD Glock 18 is one of the most common and popular electric toy pistols in the market. It is powered by a 7.4v LiPo battery, which is standard for most electric blasters, and functions along side a spring and motor. The driving factor for power (FPS) is typically unrelated to the actual battery itself – and more so on other essential components such as the ‘strength’ of the internal spring. Straight out the box, the SKD Glock 18 gel blaster toy is firing at around 130-150FPS. 

On the other hand, unlike spring/battery powered electric models, gas gel blasters are powered by compressed air – usually green gas or CO2. The Glock 17 GBB (gas blow back) was one of the first models introduced to Australians and to this day it is still one of the most popular styles around! Stock, this gas gel blaster will have an FPS of approximately 250-280. This is a significant difference in power (and pain being felt by your opponent when shot)!


Gas Gel Blaster 1911
Should YOU Get a Gas Gel Blaster? | Gel Blaster Club Australia
This Golden Eagle GM 1911 Vietnam gas gel blaster pistol has just arrived to the Australian market and is currently available HERE.
Source: Gel Ball Undercover

The quality of gas gel blasters will definitely impress! Superior to most electric models, you will notice that a gas blaster will have nicer finishes, is usually made from higher quality materials, and will have significantly greater weight to it. 

The blow-back feature on these GBB’s is next level. CO2 powered models in particular seem to have a ‘snappier’ and more satisfying feel. We’d recommend checking out the Golden Eagle OPS Tactical or the new Golden Eagle GM 1911 Vietnam blaster!

This is a far cry from what the electric models such as SKD Glock 18 or SKD Beretta M92 offer. 

One thing to consider though, is that when it comes to gel blasters toys, you essentially “pay for what you get”. This means that the cost of a quality gas gel blaster will be higher than that of a standard electric model. 


Tactical Ops Gas Gel Blaster Pistol
Should YOU Get a Gas Gel Blaster? | Gel Blaster Club Australia
The Golden Eagle OPS Tactical is one of the highest quality gas pistols currently in the market! Currently available at
Source: Gel Ball Undercover

If you’re chasing quality, feel, realism and power – then YES! Gas gel blasters are worth it. CO2 bulbs or air-canisters are are affordable, and the only maintenance really required is a bit of internal lubrication with silicon oil every now and then. Gas gel blasters are taking the industry by storm, and most enthusiasts will have at least one gas gel blaster in their collection!  

Electric gel blasters, the pistols in particular, are usually cheaper. Though they tend to be more toy-like and plastic in nature, they’re still great fun and are easy to use. LiPo batteries are renown for their sensitivity, so users are always advised to following care and handling instructions. Fortunately, replacement batteries can be purchased from any gel blaster retailer. 

If you’re considering getting a gas gel blaster, just do it! They’re awesome, and definitely a stand-out from other blaster toys on the market. 

To check where you can play gel blaster games, make sure to become a Gel Blaster Club member and check the events calendar!  


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