Author: Corey

  • #1 Best Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster!

    The Best Sniper Rifle Gel Blasters! It’s been a long time coming, Sniper Rifles may be one of the slowest developing classes in the gel blaster industry. However, finally there is a new entrant into the competition, and we think it is finally up to the standards that everyone has wanted since day one. We…

  • Police Commissioner Announcement – February 2020

    Here is the recent announcement from the Police Minister this morning in regards to gel blasters. Great news for everybody inside the Gel Blaster Club, as within the body of the statement this was mentioned: “Finally, police have suggested that the owners of gel blasters should have a reasonable excuse for their possession. A reasonable…

  • What to Take to Your First Game Day?

    Every field is different and so are the rules, so please respect the event organisers. Make sure that if they have outlined specific items/rules that you abide by those before of our list below.

  • Best Internal Mods Starting from a Stock Blaster

    Upgrading your gearbox is what gives you that edge over your competitors. A little bit more distance, power and accuracy never hurt anybody (except your enemies), so here’s a list of the first upgrades to get, when looking to push your blaster further.

  • Welcome to all our new members!

    For all of our new members, we want to say welcome. We hope you’re ready to be a part of a positive, friendly and motivating community that works alongside each other instead of against. Some great progress has been seen with over 10 major retailers throughout Queensland and South Australia becoming a part of the…