Welcome to all our new members!

For all of our new members, we want to say welcome. We hope you’re ready to be a part of a positive, friendly and motivating community that works alongside each other instead of against.

Some great progress has been seen with over 10 major retailers throughout Queensland and South Australia becoming a part of the Gel Blaster Club Rewards Program in its first two weeks of operations. It is great to see retailers also recognise the immense benefits the club brings to the players and industry.

For our Full Members and above, this means that no matter where you are, you will be able to receive 10% off your order total 365 days a year at any of these retailers. You can find the list of all participating stores by going to the “SUPPORTERS” tab on gelblasterclub.com.au or simply clicking here.

For our fields and arenas, we have been in discussion with many around Australia, and are focused on bringing you up to 50% off entry pricing for all Full Member levels and above. This will save you a serious amount of money and allow you to play far more frequently. This will also fill the fields with more serious and respectful players, which is something we all wish for every time we play.

Moving forward, you will see weekly videos released with updates on club developments, member-only events, giveaways, and industry news just to list a few of the topics of discussion. If there is something in particular you wish for us to discuss, as always please email us at [email protected]

Being proudly sponsored by TacToys, we are able to bring our Full Members and above some very cool benefits every month. Be prepared for some really exciting items shipped right to your door, and don’t be surprised if you use them every time you touch the field/arenas. We know what you need, so we make sure that’s what you get.

Finally, we wish to address many of the legal concerns surrounding gel blasters, retailers, QPS and Border Force at this moment. We stand neutral to decisions made by those in power and wish to not fight against but work alongside them to allow this sport to evolve into the massive industry it has the potential to become. We hope to be a stepping stone in helping that come to fruition.

We appreciate your constructive criticism, so please reach out to us and let us know how we can improve. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them also.

Yours faithfully,
Gel Blaster Club


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