#1 Best Gel Blaster Pistol | What is the Best Gel Blaster Pistol?

Looking for the ultimate gel blaster pistol or a solid sidearm to accompany your primary blaster on the field? From new gas-powered models taking the Australian markets by storm, to well-established electric pistols, we’re here to help and make choosing your next gel blaster easier!

Check out our top 5 recommendations below for your next gel blaster pistol! 


1911 Gel Blaster Pistol

If you’re looking for the highest quality gel blaster pistol currently on the market, then this is the model for you! Made almost entirely from metal, this CO2 powered Classic Colt/Well 1911 gel blaster pistol carries a solid amount of weight for a toy, and packs a mean punch straight out the box. 

With a bottom-frame picatinny for laser and torch attachments, an iron sight, a commendable blowback feature and a higher FPS than most standard gel blasters. Pair it with high quality, hardened gel balls for best performance and accuracy! We’ve heard these are compatible with Tokyo Marui 1911 parts with some modification, meaning this blaster is potentially further customisable/modifiable for those who enjoy tinkering.

The Classic Colt/Well 1911 model is perfect for those chasing a high-powered blaster with a premium-quality finish, a standout from most toy pistols available in Australia! 

Firing range: approx. 15m
Firing power: approx. 260-290FPS
Gel balls recommended: hardened gels (such as AusGel Ultras)
Powered by: CO2 bulbs/canisters 
Tip: remember to maintain this blaster and use silicon oil to keep everything running smooth! 


Glock 17 Gel Blaster Pistol

Coming in second is the the gas/CO2 powered Glock 17 gel blaster pistol! With an awesome blowback feel, this is definitely a strong contender when looking for a powerful sidearm. Featuring metal components (slide, barrel) and solid nylon body, this blaster is known for its quality and feel. You have two options here when choosing this model: green gas or CO2 powered. Though we tend to favour the CO2 due to ease of use, both types are sure to leave your opponent with marks!

Firing range: approx. 15m
Firing power: approx. 250-280FPS
Gel balls recommended: hardened gels
Powered by: CO2 bulbs/canisters  or green gas 


M92 Gel Blaster Pistol

The SKD Beretta M92 has now become a classic for gel blaster users! This was the first ever pistol to break the barrier of 7.4v batteries and slow blowbacks. With the ability to stack two 7.4 batteries (one inside the torch), users can choose their preferred rate of fire, switch between full auto and semi firing modes, and have fun! 

This gel blaster pistol is battery operated and made from nylon. It is more toy-like in nature compared to our previous recommendations. Most gel blaster enthusiasts will have either a Beretta M92 or a standard Glock 18 (our next recommendation) in their early gel blaster collection! 

Firing range: approx. 15m
Firing power: approx. 150FPS
Gel balls recommended: standard milky white gel balls
Powered by: battery


The SKD Glock 18 is still one of the best and most popular starter pistols to date! This was the first in a new generation of gel blaster pistols to be released with both a full and semi-auto firing function (simply press button on the side twice to switch between the two modes). This toy is made from ABS plastic. Having been around for a while now, users have the option to pair this blaster an extended magazine to have a greater firing capacity – which is sure to come in handy when on field!

Firing range: approx. 15m
Firing power: approx. 130-150FPS
Gel balls recommended: standard milky white gel balls
Powered by: battery 


1911 Gel Blaster Pistol

The SKD M1911 is a great gel blaster pistol for those who want a good fire rate and an even greater firing capacity! This is a hopper-fed toy pistol, so the gels are gravity fed from the top. Of our list, this blaster has the largest gel-ball capacity, holding around 100 gels, and users typically have two hopper-options which come stock with the toy. Made from ABS plastic like the Glock 18, this is a fun, reliable and easy-to-use gel blaster pistol! 

Firing range: approx. 15m
Firing power: approx. 120-150FPS
Gel balls recommended: standard milky white gel balls
Powered by: battery 


SIG P226 Gel Balster Pistol

If you’re looking for something budget-friendly and for children or first time users, then we would recommend the SIG P226 hopper fed gel blaster pistol! This is definitely the most toy-like of our list, and it’s a great little blaster. 

Firing range: approx. 10-15m
Firing power: approx. 110FPS
Gel balls recommended: standard milky white gel balls
Powered by: battery 


You can’t go wrong with any of the gel blasters listed above. If you’re chasing the highest quality gel blaster pistol, then we would recommended checking out the CO2 powered Classic Colt/Well 1911 or CO2/gas Glock 17. They have the greatest firing distance, highest FPS, and are of the highest quality build. CO2 powered gel blaster toys entered the Australian market in 2020. They offer users greater power than the standard electric battery powered blasters, and have quickly come to lead most retailers top-of-the-range models! 

To check where you can play gel blaster games, make sure to become a Gel Blaster Club member and check the events calendar!  

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