The Ultimate Gel Blaster Buying Guide 2021: Which Gel Blaster Gun Should I Buy First?

Key Points for your Gel Blaster Buying Guide

Gel Blaster Buying Guide
The Ultimate Gel Blaster Buying Guide

Buying a new gel blaster gun for the very first time can be very frustrating. This is why we’ve created the ultimate Gel Blaster Buying Guide to ensure you do it right the start! Pay attention, we may just save you a fortune.

When buying your first gel blaster, it is important to know what you’re looking for. We have compiled all the essentials for you to help you execute your first purchase effectively and ensure you don’t regret it!

What Is Your Gel Blaster Budget?

Gel Blaster Buying Guide
The Ultimate Gel Blaster Buying Guide

Set Your Budget Correctly!

To kick off this Gel Blaster Buying Guide – let’s first touch on budget! Gel blasters can range dramatically in price, and there are many factors which contribute to this. It;’s safe to say that finding a new, full metal gel blaster gun for $150 would be impossible. So when in the market for your first blaster – you must recognise these three important points.

  • Retailers aim to maximise profits.
  • Descriptions are always going to make the product sound awesome.
  • Everyone’s preferences are different – one shoe does not fit all!

With these three in mind, it is important for you set your budget right. We would recommend $400.00 to get a great all rounder set up. What is in that kit you ask? Let’s dive into it.

Perfect Gel Blaster Beginners Set Up

Perfect Gel Blaster Beginners Kit
The Ultimate Gel Blaster Buying Guide

The Load Out

Initially, you are going to need 4 items:

  • Your Gel Blaster
  • Your Ammo (Gel Balls)
  • Your Batteries (7.4v or 11.1v)
  • Your Eye Protection

Let’s start with your gel blaster! First question, do you want a Pistol, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle or Shotgun styled blaster? Most players start with a basic assault rifle or pistol.

We would recommend allocating approximately $250.00-$300.00 for your first gel blaster gun – this ensures you are not breaking the bank on something you may not enjoy, but also means you are getting a very decent Gel Blaster that will last! You can find respected gel blaster retailers here:

Secondly, your ammo! This is a cheap commodity however the type of gel ball you get is important for blaster performance. If your blaster is firing 220-260 feet per second (FPS) we recommend using only medium strength gel balls. If you are firing over 280 FPS we recommend using only the super hard/extreme gel balls (Alpha King Gels for example). You can find these gels at any retailer that you prefer!

Thirdly, batteries! You have two types of batteries in general – they are 7.4v (standard) and 11.1v (upgraded). If you wish to use an 11.1v battery please ensure that your blaster has at minimum a full nylon internal gearbox (check the blaster description or ask the retailer). We recommend at minimum 2-3 batteries plus one B3 style charger to ensure you have the best length of gameplay. 2-3 batteries will ensure you get 1-1.5 hours of gameplay minimum. Again, purchase your batteries at any proper Gel Blaster store.

Finally, your eye protection (eyepro). We recommend not going too fancy and instead focus on what works for you! Eyepro does not mean just safety glasses, you can get full face masks, face shields or even fully fledged helmets. Your budget may be stretched going for a helmet, so if you are on a tighter budget, go to a Bunnings near you and get yourself the most WRAP AROUND eye protection safety glasses that abide by Australian protection law.

Where Can You Play With Gel Blasters?

The Ultimate Gel Blaster Buying Guide

So, now that you’ve made use of this gel blaster buying guide and have secured your blaster – where can you use it and play on field? There is so many fields to choose from, however many of the field owners have never run a business before, so they struggle to advertise to people in their area. The problem you will find is the session times are hidden, the costs are hidden or you simply don’t even know where the field is or what it is called because they are not on google.

That is where we come in! We collect all of the session times, the prices and the locations of every field and compile it all in one place. Generally fields cost between $20.00 – $35.00 per 2 hour session and the game types change from Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy or even Capture The Flag.

Our hundreds of full members have access to all of this plus our members-only community groups, retail store discounts, giveaways and more for only $9.95/month (cancel anytime).

You can join the family and get the information before anyone else right here. We can’t wait to see you out on the field.

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