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Signing up keeps you safe and ensures you are abiding by the new Queensland Government laws regarding gel blasters.

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We are Australia’s largest gel blaster club, with our headquarters located in Brisbane, Queensland. The Gel Blaster Club was started alongside the introduction of new laws surrounding gel blasters in Australia. If you own a gel ball gun, a primary requirement of the laws is that you MUST be a member of a gel blaster club. We pride ourselves in being a cost effective, valuable club that ensures you stay safe within the introduced laws.

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  • Monthly Competitions & Bundles
  • Field & Retailer Discounts
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gel Blasters?

Gel blasters by definition, are gun shaped toys that fire soft polymer, non-toxic gel balls through a battery powered, compressed air gearbox system.

Why become a paid member?

We never wish to “sell” people on the idea of a paid membership. If you see value in the club, we would love to have you apart of it. If you want to take this sport a bit more serious, we can provide the resources for you to do so. If you wish to be a part of a positive and friendly community, we can offer that to you.

What are the benefits of joining the club?

Paid members in the Gel Blaster Club are given many great benefits including access to all the latest events, monthly competitions, and field & retailer discounts!
For a full list of paid member privileges, head to the link here:

Where can we play at fields?

There are many fields open for play throughout QLD and SA. As a member of the Gel Blaster Club, you are emailed a schedule of all games scheduled every single week and you may view our EVENTS page in your back office.

Do you have safety information?

Yes, we have a very in-depth safety catalogue and videos available in our “SAFETY” tab on our home page. Here is the link:

Are you actively working in the gel blaster community?

Yes, we are constantly monitoring events, discussing with retailers and listening to the end user and their needs.

Are you associated with any Gel Blaster companies?

Yes! We are associated with many retailers and fields. For a full list of these companies, head to our “SUPPORTERS” tab on our home page.

How can we contact you directly?

Visit our “Contact Us” page
[email protected]
– 1300 644 071, state your reason for calling and request to speak with a GBC representative.

How can my company partner with GBC?

Simply reach out via email or phone and we can walk you through the process. Please note, we do not require any payment from fields and retailers, we simply request that you provide the outlined benefits at your store to the members of the club. Contact us here:

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